At Lisle Violin Shop, we are constantly looking for the best instruments available for the best prices.  To that end we stock a wide variety of violins to meet the needs of all of our customers. The viola rental rates below represent the TOTAL monthly payment amount including Sales Tax (for Texas residents) and Protection Plan. Currently we have standard, deluxe, and advanced level instruments available for rent through our online rental. For information and availability on elite and premiere rentals, please call 832-VIOLINS.

A Note About Small Viola Sizing:
Violas come in a wide variety of sizes for different players. Standard viola sizes range from 15 to 16.5 inches. However, beginning violists often need sizes smaller than 15 inches. 14 inch, 13 inch, 12 inch, and even 11 inch sizes are common beginner sizes which correspond with violin sizes 4/4, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4 size respectively. At Lisle Violin Shop, we use violin bodies with viola strings for violas smaller than 15 inches. This is a common practice for students who need a smaller viola. Over the years we have played thousands of small violas (14” and under) and found most to be unsatisfactory. We have made experimental models and have discussed this matter with public and private teachers and have arrived at the conclusion that, in general, small violins – of the quality that we sell and rent – restrung as violas, sound better and play more easily than the deep rib models commonly sold as small violas. In our investigation, we also found that smaller viola models were generally only available as lower quality instruments. In addition, the deep ribs on these violas tended to deaden the sound rather than create a viola tone. We discovered that because small violas have a shorter length, the depth of the violin body gives better resonance on the A, D, and G strings, which violin and viola share, and which are most used by beginning violists. Of course, some instruments made as small violas are exceptions, and some violins respond better as small violas. Overall, most players are better served by choosing the appropriate size and quality violin and requesting setup as a viola.

Forte Standard Viola Rentals

Forte Standard Viola Rentals are designed for those who want to make sure they have everything they need to be successful but also want to minimize their initial financial commitment. These handmade instruments are setup in our workshop for optimum playability and sound quality. Forte Standard Viola Rentals include sizes 11” through 14” for smaller violas (violins with viola strings) and 15” through 16 ½” for large violas.

14" and Smaller - $22.99 PER MONTH
15" and Larger - $25.99 PER MONTH


Forte Deluxe Viola Rentals

This is our most popular level for beginning violists. We have hand-selected these instruments with both the enthusiastic beginner and committed player in mind. Our deluxe instruments are handmade from select materials which yield a rich and projecting sound quality. We recommend this level for those seeking a higher quality student instrument. Forte Deluxe Viola Rentals include sizes 11” through 14” for small violas (violins with viola strings) and 15” through 16 ½” for large violas. 

14" and Smaller - $26.99 PER MONTH
15" and Larger - $29.99 PER MONTH


Forte Advanced Viola Rentals

For those looking for a small viola with a powerful, responsive tone, we recommend the Forte Advanced Viola Rental. Made with the finest materials and workmanship, these instruments have a robust and sonorous tone. The Forte Advanced Viola Rental includes an upgrade to either a brazilwood or carbon fiber bow. These instruments are currently only available for 14" and smaller instruments. Please call for availability for your size.

14" and Smaller  - $36.99 PER MONTH
15" and Larger - $39.99 PER MONTH





Forte Elite Viola Rentals

As a student advances, it is important to make sure that his or her instrument continues to allow them to grow.  Forte Elite Viola Rentals are geared towards students who have been playing for a few years and need an instrument that offers a more bold and competitive tone. These instruments offer a wide spectrum of sound qualities from silky and smooth to clear and brilliant to suit all preferences. Forte Elite Viola Rentals are available in 15” through 16 ½” size depending on the model. Please call for availability. All Forte Elite Viola Rentals include a carbon fiber or brazilwood bow upgrade.

Please Call for Prices and Availability


Forte Premiere Viola Rentals

Most shops have limited models available for rental. We understand that many players and students have need for truly outstanding instruments with the flexibility of a rental. That’s why we offer the Forte Premiere Instruments Rentals. This level includes our best violas available for rental.  We recommend Forte Premiere Viola Rentals for those looking for an instrument with superior tone quality and projection but are not quite ready yet for purchase.  This level includes a carbon fiber or brazilwood bow upgrade. Forte Premiere Viola Rentals are available in 15” through 16 ½” size depending on the model. Some models are only available in limited sizes. Please call for availability.

Please Call for Prices and Availability