The rental of Lisle Violin Shop instruments includes the following benefits:

  • Graduated Sizes and Instrument Choice: Lisle Violin Shop offers a wide variety of sizes and rental levels for our customers to choose from when selecting an instrument to rent.  We are constantly searching for the best instruments available at the most affordable prices.
  • Protection Plan: Our Protection Plan includes coverage for theft, accidental damage, catastrophic damage, strings and routine maintenance. (See Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Flexible Length of Term: The minimum rental is one month. If you discontinue the rental and return the instrument, the last month’s payment is the last charge you will incur, except in the case of damage not covered by the Protection Plan.  This agreement is month to month.  Deposits are refundable upon the return of the instrument, case, and/or bow.
  • Multiple Purchase Options:  We offer many options for our rental customers who wish to purchase an instrument outfit. 


Renter will accrue a discount equal to the monthly rental fees paid on this agreement (excluding Protection Plan and sales tax) toward the purchase of this instrument or another larger or more expensive instrument.  The discount allowed toward any instrument, case, and bow purchase may not exceed 80% of the purchase prices of that instrument, bow, and/or case. This discount must be applied towards purchase of an instrument within 10 days of termination of this agreement or the rental credit is forfeited. Discounts are not held for future application, and are non-transferable. Renter MUST ELECT to purchase. Conversion of a current rental account to purchase is NOT AUTOMATIC.



If the renter elects the monthly automatic payment option, then the renter agrees to maintain the credit or debit card account open and within credit limits to permit the timely charges of the payments. If the renter does not elect to enroll or continue with the monthly automatic payment option, Lisle Violin Shop will require a deposit in lieu of autopay for that account. To cancel a scheduled monthly automatic payment or change the credit or debit card information for an upcoming payment the renter must inform Lisle Violin Shop by the 8th of the month.  Renter agrees to be responsible for any charges or fees assessed by the bankcard company or collecting bank due to a closed or an uncollectable amount. Rental fees will be charged to your credit or debit card account between the 10th and 15th of the month for which the rental fee is due.



  • Renter agrees to pay to Lisle Violin Shop, 4510 Burke Road, Pasadena, Texas 77504 or any other place designated in writing by Lisle Violin Shop the total monthly payment in advance as stated above for each month that the instrument, case, and/or bow are provided by Lisle Violin Shop for the use of the renter. Renter agrees to maintain the instrument, bow, and/or case in excellent condition and submit the instrument, case, and/or bow to Lisle Violin Shop for maintenance and repairs as needed under the terms and conditions of the Protection Plan.

Rent must be paid for the entire time an instrument is in the renter’s possession, regardless of whether or not the instrument is being used. 

  • The first payment is due on or before delivery. Subsequent payments are due on the first of each month. Rental charges are not prorated. If the rental agreement is not terminated by the tenth day of the month, the renter must pay the full rental charges for that month. Statements will be sent on or about the 5th of each month with the charges posted for the following month. Payments not received within thirty (30) days of the due date will be subject to a late charge of $5.00 per month. Maintenance and replacement protection will be suspended until the charges are paid in full. There will be a $20.00 handling fee for checks returned to us unpaid for any reason. Failure to receive a statement does not release the renter from the responsibility of making timely payments.
  • No maintenance or replacements will be made under the terms of the Protection Plan prior to receipt of the first payment. Loss due to fire, theft, flood, or accidental damage prior to the receipt of the first payment will not be covered and will be the responsibility of the renter. PLEASE NOTE: If the Protection Plan has lapsed due to non-payment, renter agrees to pay for maintenance and repair costs during the term of the rental and/or at the conclusion of the rental agreement according to the usual and customary charges for repair at Lisle Violin Shop.
  • Renter may cancel this agreement at any time, provided that all charges are paid in full, by returning the instrument, case, and/or bow to Lisle Violin Shop. To return items through a school, the renter must SUBMIT A REQUEST to Lisle Violin Shop via phone, email or mail in order to receive confirmation of the request and have a pickup scheduled. If these instructions are not followed, the customer WILL REMAIN RESPONSIBLE for all charges and fees.
  • This instrument, bow, and case are the property of Lisle Violin Shop. Renter grants to Lisle Violin Shop the right to recover the instrument, case, and/or bow at any place, and time, by any legal means, for nonpayment of charges. Lisle Violin Shop reserves the right to charge the renter the full value of the instrument, case, and/or bow if the account is delinquent 120 days or more. In addition, the renter will be liable for reasonable collection and attorney’s fees where this agreement is referred to a collection agent or attorney who is not a salaried employee of Lisle Violin Shop, and court costs.

Rev 01/2013