Trade-In Policy

Any instrument, case*, and/or bow purchased from Lisle Violin Shop will be accepted in partial trade toward the purchase price of a larger or more expensive instrument, bow, and case selected from the inventory of Lisle Violin Shop. The Trade Value, guaranteed for two years, will be the original purchase price less an amount according to the table below:

Time following
Date of Invoice

Violin or Viola
Cello or Bass
0 to 89 Days $ 0.00 $ 0.00
90 Days to 2 Years $ 50.00 $ 100.00

The Owner must maintain the instrument, bow, and/or case in excellent playing condition. The owner will be responsible for any repairs necessary to restore the instrument, bow, and/or case to saleable condition. Repair charges will be made according to rates in effect at the time of repair. The Owner will not be charged for the normal deterioration of strings and bow hair. Purchasers of the optional Protection Plan will have additional coverage as provided in the terms and conditions of the Protection Plan. Trade value for instrument outfits is guaranteed for two years.

Although not guaranteed, it has been the usual practice to extend the trade value indefinitely for well maintained instruments (case and bow not included) and to offer the following trade plan for bows only:

The Trade Value of a Bow (only, not included with a instrument trade) purchased from Lisle Violin Shop will be the original purchase price less $25.00, less the current cost for rehair and repair as needed.

Lisle Violin Shop does not accept case only trades. Lisle Violin Shop reserves the right to refuse to accept for trade any instrument, bow, and/or case that has been subjected to abuse, damage exceeding the value of the instrument, or repair by unauthorized person(s).

*Please Note: We cannot accept for trade cases that have been permanently marked with names or for any reason that makes the case unsuitable for resale.